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Library and Reading Park
Martin Lejarraga

Location: Torre Pacheco (Murcia) – Spain
Function: urban interventions for the promotion, management, and planification of public space in Torre Pacheco with library,
sports and recreational areas, school
Client: EXCMO, Commune Torre Pacheco
Year of completion: 2007

web Martin Lejarragahttp://www.lejarraga.com/


A8ernA, Zaanstad
NL-Architects and Carve (design skatepark)

Location: Koog aan de Zaan, Zaanstad – Netherlands 
Function: conversion of a highway underbridge with public space – covered square, marina, park, kid zone, shopping – super­ market, ish/lower shop, skate bowl etc. 
Client: Commune Zaanstad 
Year of completion: 2006 

 Fotógrafo: Luuk Kramer

 Fotógrafo: Luuk Kramer

Fotógrafo: Luuk Kramer

 Fotógrafo: Joren Musch

 Fotógrafo: Joren Musch

web .NL: http://www.nlarchitects.nl/


Besiktas Fishmarket
GAD & Gokhan Avcioglu

Location: Besiktas, Istanbul – Turkey 
Function: market hall 
Client: Besiktas Municipality 
Year of completion: 2009

web GAD: http://www.gadarchitecture.com/


Blesezeichen Salbke Open-Air-Library
KARO with Architektur + Netzwerk

Location: Magdeburg – Germany 
Function: open library, stage, public space 
Client: City of Magdeburg, funding by the 
Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (research program ExWoSt) 
Year of completion: 2009

 photographer: Anja Schlamann

  photographer: Anja Schlamann

  photographer: Anja Schlamann

  photographer: Anja Schlamann

  photographer: Anja Schlamann

  photographer: Anja Schlamann

 photographer: Anja Schlamann

web KARO: http://www.karo-architekten.de/


Zamet Centre
3LHD architects

Location: Rijeka – Croatia
Function: multifunctional hall for sports,conferences and cultural events, post oice,library, shops, garage and public space
Client: Rijeka Sport d.o.o.
Year of completion: 2009

web 3LHD: http://www.3lhd.com/index.php/hr

Alvéole 14 - Transformation of a Submarine Base
LIN Finn Geipel + Giulia Andi

Location: Saint-Nazaire – France Submarine Base Function: venue for contemporary forms of art and music 
Client: City of Saint-Nazaire 
Year of completion: 2007 

photo: Jan Oliver Kunze

 photo: Jan Oliver Kunze

photo: Christian Richters

photo: Christian Richters

illustration: Adrian König

The Geopark
Helen & Hard

Location: Stavanger – Norway 
Function: playground, skatepark, sports and recreational areas, exhibition space 
Client: City of Stavanger in cooperation with European Capital of Culture 2008 
Year of completion: 2008 

web HELEN & HARD: http://www.hha.no/

TIM VIADUKT. Refurbishment Viaduct Arches
EM2N | Mathias Müller | Daniel Niggli | Architekten AG | ETH | SIA | BSA

Location: Zurich – Switzerland Arches  Function: market hall, shops, restaurants, kindergarten, studios, workshop spaces 
Client: Stiftung PWG, Zurich 
Year of completion: 2010 

Middelfart Savings Bank
3XN, Copenhagen

Location: Middelfart – Denmark 
Function: bank, public space, shops and café 
Client: Trekantens Ejendomsselskab A/S, Middelfart 
Year of completion: 2010

Portugal Avenue Lineal Park at Manzanares River
Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos, Porras + La Casta Arquitectos, Rubio + Álvarez-Sala Arquitectos, Madrid Partner: masterplan West 8 urban design & landscape architecture

Location: Madrid – Spain 
Function: revitalizing of a urban riverside into a public park 
Client: Municipality of Madrid 
Year of completion: 2007


web R&AS: http://www.rubioalvarezsala.com/?lang=en

web WEST8: http://www.west8.nl/

Powisle Station Revitalization

Location: Warsaw – Poland
Function: bar and culture centre
Client: Klubokawiarnia Stacja Powiśle
Year of completion: 2009

Photos: Błażej Pindor, Błażej Pindor, M. Lewandowski, Krzysztof Syruć, Michał Jońca

web CENTRALA: http://centrala.net.pl/

Sjakket Youth Centre

Location: Copenhagen – Denmark
Function: youth club for teenage immigrants, sports and recreation, sound studio
Client: Sjakket Youth Centre, Realdina, Copenhagen
Year of completion: 2007

Villa de Heerlikheid/Hoogvliet Heerlijkheid

Location: Rotterdam – Netherlands 
Function: cultural centre and park 
Client: Vestia Rotterdam/WiMBY, Rotterdam 
Year of completion: 2008 


Category Temporary


The search for Culinary Plurality
Daniel Unterberg und Isabell Weiland

Location: Berlin-Neukölln – Germany
Function: public mobile kitchen
Client: initiative of the architects
Year of completion: 2009

web Daniel Unterberg: http://din-a13.eu/



Location: Mülheim – Germany
Function: temporary transformation of a 
metrostation into an opera 
Partner: Schauspiel Essen, Ringlokschuppen 
Mülheim, Musiktheater im Revier Gelsen­ kirchen 
Client: initiative of raumlaborberlin 
Year of completion: 2009 

 © Foto: Rainer Schlautmann

 © Foto: Rainer Schlautmann

 © Foto: Walter Guntram

 © Foto: Rainer Schlautmann

web raumlaborberlin: http://www.raumlabor.net/


Jellyish Theatre

Location: London – United Kingdom
Function: theatre and showroom 
Client: The Red Room Theatre and 
Film Company 
Year of completion: 2010 

web Folke Köbberling: http://www.koebberlingkaltwasser.de/


PopUp – Public Construction Site

Location: Stuttgart – Germany 
Function: performative installation/interdis­ziplinary platform in public space for cultural events with swimming pool and open stage 
Client: initiative of the architects with the Kunstverein
Wagenhalle e.V. and the Landes­stiftung Baden-Württemberg 
Year of completion: 2008

web UMSCHICHTEN: http://www.umschichten.de/


Prosthesis Institutiona
Santiago Cirugeda

Location: Castellon – Spain 
Function: contemporary art space 
Client: Espai d‘Art Contemporani de Castelló, EACC 
Year of completion: 2005

web recetas urbanas: 

The Barn and Dalston Garden - Easter Curve/Dalston Barn and Community Garden
J&L Gibbons LLP, muf architecture/art LLP with Nicolas Henninger (Exyzt)

Location: Dalston, London – United Kingdom
Function: windmiill, bread oven, performance space, wheat ield, community garden
Client: London Development Agency, Design for London, London Borough of Hackney
Year of completion: 2010

Photography: © Sarah Blee, J & L Gibbons, muf architecture/art and EXYZT

web J&L Gibbons: http://www.jlg-london.com/

web muf architecture/art: http://www.muf.co.uk/

web EXYZT: http://www.exyzt.org/

Bellevue – The Yellow House
Fattinger, Orso, Rieper

Location: Linz – Austria 
Function: artist studios, information kiosk, cafeteria, bicycle rental, library, craftsspace and public stage 
Client: City of Linz in cooperation with European Capital of Culture 2009 
Year of completion: 2009 

web FATTINGER Orso: http://www.fattinger-orso.com/


Location: Vienna – Austria 
Function: interactive multifunctional elements for public space, ENZI 
Client: Museumsquarter Vienna 
Year of completion: since 2001 until today

web PPAG-ARCHITECTS: http://www.ppag.at/cms/index.php

RDF 181 
Lionel Devlieger, Marten Gielen, Mia Schmalenbach, Tristan Boniver

Location: Brussels – Belgium 
Function: temporary oice and exhibition space 
Client: Rotor NPO 
Year of completion: 2006-2007 

Photography: © Eric Mairiaux

web Rotor: http://rotordb.org/

SUBoice Architects

Location: Rotterdam – Netherlands 
Function: kiosk, terrace, and social network for public activities 
Client: Foundation Singeldingen, Rotterdam 
Year of completion: 2010 

 foto: Ruben Dario Legmeer

 foto: Ruben Dario Legmeer

 foto: Ruben Dario Legmeer

 foto: Ruben Dario Legmeer

 foto: Ruben Dario Legmeer

 foto: Ruben Dario Legmeer

web SUB office: http://www.suboffice.nl/

complizen Planungsbüro

Location: Halle, Berlin, Leipzig, Kiel – Germany, Vienna – Austria, Antwerpen – Belguim 
Function: sporting areas in empty buildings and sites  
Client: initiative of complizen Planungsbüro 
Year of completion: 2002-2010

 Foto: complizen

  Foto: complizen

  Foto: complizen

 Foto: complizen

web COMLIZEN Planungsbüro: http://www.complizen.de/

Strand aan de Maas – Beachpavillon

Location: Rotterdam – Netherlands 
Function: beach bar and café 
Client: Foundation Strand aan de Maas 
Year of completion: 2007 

web MONADNOCK: http://monadnock.nl/

UDN urban interventions – Build. Learn. Interact.
HCU/Christopher Dell, Michael Koch, Bernd Kniess 

Location: Hamburg – Germany 
Function: university, location for events, advanced training, culture, research and teaching 
Client: HCU Hamburg, IBA Hamburg GmbH, Kampnagel Hamburg 
Year of completion: 1. Phase 2009/ t2. Phase 2010

web UD: http://www.ud.hcu-hamburg.de/

+info: UIAB 2010

Ángel Inclán Busta

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