RIBA regional awards 2012 - Spirit of Ingenuity Awards

Emmanuel College Library
Architect: Kilburn Nightingale Architects
Client: Emmanuel College

web Kilburn Nightingale Architects: http://www.cullumnightingale.com/ 

Winner of RIBA East Conservation Award 
Feeringbury Farm Barn
Scheme: Feeringbury Farm Barn
Architect: Hudson Architects 
Client: Ben Coode-Adams 

 Photographer: James Brittain

 Photographer: James Brittain

Photographer: James Brittain

web Hudson Architects: http://www.hudsonarchitects.co.uk/

Lee Valley White Water Centre
Scheme: Lee Valley White Water Centre
Architect: FaulknerBrowns Architects
Client: Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

web FaulknerBrowns Architects: http://www.faulknerbrowns.co.uk/

Winner of RIBA East Sustainability Award 

Madingley Road
Scheme: Private House, Madingley Road
Architect: Mole Architects 
Client: Ian and Sue Collins       

web Mole Architects: http://www.molearchitects.co.uk/

Royal Opera House
Scheme: Royal Opera House, Bob and Tamar Manoukian Production Workshop
Architect: Nicholas Hare Architects
Client: The Royal Opera House

web Nicholas Hare Architects: http://www.nicholashare.co.uk/

Stable Acre
Scheme name: Stable Acre
Architect: David Kohn Architects
Client: Private Client

web David Kohn Architects: http://www.davidkohn.co.uk/      

RIBA Awards 2012 - East

Brentwood School Sixth Form Centre & Assembly Hall
Scheme name: Brentwood School Sixth Form Centre & Assembly Hall
Practice: Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture Ltd
Client: Brentwood School
Photographer: Paul Riddle

web Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture: 

Winner of RIBA Regional Education Award

Royal Veterinary College Student Village
Scheme name: Royal Veterinary College Student Village
Practice: Hawkins\Brown
Client: Royal Veterinary College

web Hawkins\Brown: http://www.hawkinsbrown.com/

Winner of RIBA Regional Building of the Year Award

Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge
Scheme: Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge
Practice: Stanton Williams
Client: University of Cambridge

web Stanton Williams: http://www.stantonwilliams.com/

Winner of RIBA Regional Client of the Year Award

The Dune House
Scheme name: The Dune House
Practice: Jarmund Vigsnaes Architects & Mole Architect
Client: Living Architecture

web Jarmund Vigsnaes Architects: http://www.jva.no/

RIBA regional awards 2012 - EM Awards for Architecture

Catmose Campus
Scheme name: Catmose Campus
Practice: Ellis Miller LLP
Client: Catmose College

web Ellis Miller: http://www.ellis-miller.com/ 

Engineering and Science Learning Centre
Scheme name: Engineering and Science Learning Centre
Practice: Hopkins Architects
Client: University of Nottingham

web Hopkins Architects: http://www.hopkins.co.uk/l/

Maggie's Nottingham
Scheme name: Maggie's Nottingham
Practice: CZWG
Client: Maggie's
 Image: Martine Hamilton Knight

 Image: Martine Hamilton Knight

Image: Martine Hamilton Knight

Uppingham School Sports Centre
Scheme: Uppingham School Sports Centre
Practice: ORMS Architecture Design
Client: Uppingham School

web ORMS Architecture Design: http://www.orms.co.uk/

Victoria Leisure Centre
Scheme name: Victoria Leisure Centre
Practice: Levitate
Client: Nottingham City Council

web Levitate: http://www.levitate.uk.com/

RIBA Awards 2012 - East Midlands           

Caistor Arts & Heritage Centre
Scheme name: Caistor Arts & Heritage Centre
Practice: Jonathan Hendry Architects
Client: Caistor Arts & Heritage

web Jonathan Hendry Architects: http://www.jonathanhendryarchitects.com/

Winner of RIBA Regional Conservation Award

Easton Neston

Scheme name: Easton Neston
Practice: Ptolemy Dean Architects Ltd
Client: Max Studio UK
Photographer: Ptolemy Dean Architects Ltd

web Ptolemy Dean Architects: http://www.ptolemydean.co.uk/

Winner of RIBA Regional Client of the Year Award, RIBA Regional Sustainability Award and RIBA Regional Building of the Year Award

Loughborough Design School

Scheme name: Loughborough Design School
Practice: Burwell Deakins Architects
Client: Loughborough University

web Burwell Deakins Architects: http://www.burwellarchitects.com/

RIBA regional awards 2012 - London Awards

Bermondsey Island
Architect: Urban Salon
Client: Igloo Regeneration / Hexagon Housing Association
Contractor: Allenbuild South East

Bow Riverside
Scheme: Bow Riverside
Architect: Adams & Sutherland
Client: British Waterways
Contractor: May Gurney

web Adams & Sutherland: http://www.adams-sutherland.co.uk/ 

Canada Water Library
Scheme: Canada Water Library
Architect: CZWG Architects
Client: The London Borough of Southwark
Contractor: ISG Jackson

web CZWG Architects: http://www.czwg.com/ 

Crown Woods College
Scheme: Crown Woods College
Architect: Nicholas Hare Architects LLP
Client: The Royal Borough of Greenwich Contractor: Balfour Beatty

web Nicholas Hare Architect: http://www.nicholashare.co.uk/

Four Seasons Hotel Spa
Scheme: Four Seasons Hotel Spa
Architect: Eric Parry Architects
Client: Confidential
Contractor: Beck Interiors

© Edmund Sumner

web Eric Parry Architects: http://www.ericparryarchitects.co.uk/ 

Mint Hotel Tower of London
Scheme: Mint Hotel Tower of London
Architect: Bennetts Associates Architects
Client: Mint Hotel
Contractor: Laing O'Rourke

web Bennetts Associates Architects: http://www.bennettsassociates.com/  

National Maritime Museum Sammy Ofer Wing
Scheme: National Maritime Museum Sammy Ofer Wing
Architects: C. F. Møller Architects (Concept Design Architect) / Purcell (Executive Architect)
Client: National Maritime Museum Contractor: Lend Lease

© Morley von Sternberg

web Møller Architects: http://www.mollerarchitects.com/ 

Painted House
Scheme: Painted House
Architect: Jonathan Woolf Architects
Client: Private
Contractor: Heights UK

web Jonathan Woolf Architects: http://www.jonathanwoolf.com/ 

BSkyB Sky Studios
Scheme: BSkyB Sky Studios
Architect: Arup Associates
Client: British Sky Broadcasting/Stanhope
Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease

South Norwood Hill Childrens Centre
Scheme: South Norwood Hill Childrens Centre
Architect: erect architecture
Client: The Cypress Schools
Contractor: Hilife Construction

web erect architecture: http://www.erectarchitecture.co.uk/

St. Christopher's the Hall, Reception Block
Scheme: St. Christopher's the Hall, Reception Block
Architect: RALA
Client: St. Christopher's the Hall School
Contractor: 8Build

© Ross Lambie

Winner of English Heritage Award for Sustaining the Historic Environment

St. Pauls Cathedral
Scheme: St. Pauls Cathedral
Architect: Martin Stancliffe Architects / Purcell
Client: The Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's Cathedral
Contractor: St. Paul's Cathedral Works Department

 © Angelo Hornak

 © Martin Stancliffe

© Sue Salton

web Martin Stancliffe Architects: http://www.msarchitects.co.uk/ 

Tea Building
Scheme: Tea Building
Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Client: Derwent London
Contractor: The Thornton Patnership

web Allford Hall Monaghan Morris: http://www.ahmm.co.uk/ 

The Dellow Day Centre
Scheme: The Dellow Day Centre
Architect: Featherstone Young
Client: St Christopher's the Hall School
Contractor: John Perkins Projects

© Tim Brotherton

web Featherstone Youn: http://www.featherstoneyoung.com/ 

RIBA Awards 2012 - London

14 St George Street and 50 New Bond Street

Scheme name: 14 St George Street and 50 New Bond Street
Practice: Eric Parry Architects
Client: Scottish Widows Investment Partnership & Kleinwort 

web Eric Parry Architects: http://www.ericparryarchitects.co.uk/ 

Exhibition Road

Scheme name: Exhibition Road
Practice: Dixon Jones Ltd
Client: Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

web Dixon Jones: http://www.dixonjones.co.uk/

Hackney Marshes Centre

Scheme name: Hackney Marshes Centre
Practice: Stanton Williams
Client: London Borough of Hackney

web Stanton Williams: http://www.stantonwilliams.com/ 

Winner of RIBA London Small

Project Award

Dalling Road

Scheme name: Dalling Road
Practice: Hayhurst and Co. in collaboration with Lucy Carmichael
Client: Private

Photographer: Kilian O'Sullivan

web Hayhurst and Co: http://www.hayhurstand.co.uk/

Henrietta Barnett School

Scheme name: Henrietta Barnett School
Practice: Hopkins Architects
Client: Henrietta Barnett School

web Hopkins Architects: http://www.hopkins.co.uk/l/

Kings Grove

Scheme name: Kings Grove
Practice: Duggan Morris Architects
Client: Private

 Photograph: Edmund Sumner

 Photograph: Edmund Sumner

 Photograph: David Grandorge

 Photograph: David Grandorge

 Photograph: David Grandorge

 Photograph: David Grandorge

 Photograph: Mark Hadden

Photograph: Mark Hadden

 Photograph: Mark Hadden

Photograph: Mark Hadden 
Model: Steve Gregory/Photograph: Duggan Morris Architects 

web Duggan Morris Architect: http://dugganmorrisarchitects.com/

London Olympic Stadium

Scheme name: London Olympic Stadium
Practice: POPULOUS
Client: The Olympic Delivery Authority

 Photographer: London 2012

 Photographer: Morley von Sternberg

 Photographer: Morley von Sternberg

web POPULOUS: http://populous.com/

Winner of RIBA London Building of 

the Year

New Court

Scheme name: New Court
Practice: OMA with Allies & Morrison
Client: Rothschild

web OMA: http://oma.eu/

web Allies & Morrison: http://www.alliesandmorrison.com/

Peabody Avenue, Pimlico

Scheme name: Peabody Avenue, Pimlico
Practice: Haworth Tompkins
Client: Peabody

web Haworth Tompkins: http://www.haworthtompkins.com/ 

Phase 1 Granary Complex: CSM Campus King's 


Scheme name: Phase 1 Granary Complex: CSM Campus King's Cross
Practice: Stanton Williams
Client: Argent

web Stanton Williams: http://www.stantonwilliams.com/

Winner of RIBA London Client of 

the Year Award

St. Pancras Chambers

Scheme name: St. Pancras Chambers
Practice: RHWL Architects and Richard Griffiths Architects
Client: Manhattan Loft Corporation
Photography: Nick Kane, RHWL

web RHWL Architects: http://www.rhwl.com/

web Richard Griffiths Architectshttp://www.rgarchitects.com/

St Paul's Church, Hammersmith

Scheme name: St Paul's Church, Hammersmith
Practice: Richard Griffiths Architects Limited
Client: St Paul's Church, Hammersmit

Photographer: Will Pryce

 Photographer: Will Pryce

 Photographer: Will Pryce

Photographer: Will Pryce

web Richard Griffiths Architects: http://www.rgarchitects.com/

The Hurlingham Club Outdoor Pool

Scheme name: The Hurlingham Club Outdoor Pool
Practice: David Morley Architects
Client: The Hurlingham Club

web David Morley Architects: http://www.davidmorleyarchitects.co.uk/ 

White Cube, Bermondsey

Scheme name: White Cube, Bermondsey
Practice: Casper Mueller Kneer Architects
Client: White Cube

Photopgraphs by Paul Riddle

web Casper Mueller Kneer Architects:

RIBA regional awards 2012 - Hadrian Awards           

Institute of Transplantation
Scheme: Institute of Transplantation
Practice: Ryder Architecture
Client: Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Photography: Kristen McCluskie

web Ryder Architecture: http://www.ryderarchitecture.com/ 

Winner of RIBA Regional 

Conservation Award

The Theatre Royal
Scheme: The Theatre Royal
Practice: Sansome Hall Architects Ltd
Client: Newcastle City Council

Photographer: Sally Ann Norman

web Sansome Hall Architects: http://www.sansomehall.co.uk/

Sleeperz Hotel
Scheme: Sleeperz Hotel
Practice: Clash Associates
Client: Sleeperz Hotels

web Clash Associates: http://www.clasharchitects.co.uk/

West Oak Farm
Scheme: West Oak Farm
Practice: Spence and Dower LLP
Client: Hallyards Developments (NE) Ltd

Photographer: © Holly Eve Watson & Tina Gough

web Spence and Dower: http://www.spenceanddower.co.uk/

RIBA Awards 2012 - North East

Winner of the RIBA Regional Client of the Yera Award

Roseberry Park

Scheme name: Roseberry Park
Practice: Medical Architecture
Client: Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

 Photographer: Colin Davison

 Photographer: Jill Tate

Photographer: Jill Tate

web Medical Architecture: http://www.medical-architecture.com/ 

Winner of the RIBA Regional Sustainability Award and Building 

of the Year Award

Toffee Factory
Scheme name: Toffee Factory
Practice:  xsite architecture LLP
Client: 1NG Ltd

web xsite architecture: http://www.xsitearchitecture.co.uk/

RIBA regional awards 2012 - NW Seven Cities Awards

Winner of RIBA Regional Small 

Project Award

9 Devonshire Road
Scheme Name: 9 Devonshire Road
Architect: Ollier Smurthwaite Architects
Client: Private

Photographer: Matt Ollier

web Ollier Smurthwaite Architects: http://www.olliersmurthwaite.com/

Winner of RIBA Regional Client of the Year Award

Richard Rose Morton Academy
Scheme name: Richard Rose Morton Academy
Architect: BDP
Client: Cumbria County Council/Richard Rose Morton Academy

web BDP: http://www.bdp.com/

Rigg Beck
Scheme Name: Rigg Beck
Practice: Knox Bhavan
Client: Private

web Knox Bhavan: http://www.knoxbhavan.co.uk/ 

The Moat House
Scheme Name: The Moat House
Practice: Buttress Fuller Alsop Williams
Client: Ivy Homes

web Buttress Fuller Alsop Williams: http://www.bfaw.co.uk/

Winner of RIBA Regional 

Conservation Award

Vaugh Steil
Scheme Name: Vaugh Steil
Practice: O'Neil Associates/O'Neil & Petrie
Client: Private

Photographer: Matthew Nicol

web O'Neil Associates:

RIBA Awards 2012 - North West

Winner of RIBA Regional Sustainability Award

Winner of RIBA Regional Building of the Year Award

Brockholes Visitor Centre

Scheme name: Brockholes Visitor Centre
Practice: Adam Khan Architects
Client: Lancashire Wildlife Trust

 © Ioana Marinescu

  © Ioana Marinescu

  © Ioana Marinescu

  © Ioana Marinescu

  © Ioana Marinescu

  © Ioana Marinescu

  © Ioana Marinescu

  © Ioana Marinescu

  © Ioana Marinescu

  © Ioana Marinescu

  © Ioana Marinescu

 © Ioana Marinescu

web Adam Khan Architects: http://www.adamkhan.co.uk/

Festival House

Scheme name: Festival House
Practice: dRMM
Client: Blackpool Council - Capital Projects

web dRMM: http://drmm.co.uk/

North House

Scheme name: North House
Practice: Roger Stephenson Architects
Client: Private

web Roger Stephenson Architects: 

RIBA South East Downland Awards winners 2012                    

Private House, Sonning
Scheme name: Private House, Sonning
Practice: Gregory Phillips Architects
Client: Private

web Gregory Phillips Architects: http://www.gregoryphillips.com/

Winner of RIBA Sustainability 


Brighton Aldridge Community Academy
Scheme name: Brighton Aldridge Community Academy
Practice: Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios LLP
Client: Brighton and Hove City Council

web Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios: http://www.fcbstudios.com/

Douai Abbey Monastery & Library
Scheme name: Douai Abbey Monastery & Library
Practice: David Richmond & Partners
Client: Douai Abbey

Photographer: David Richmond

web David Richmond & Partners: http://www.dr-p.co.uk/

Egypt Galleries, Ashmolean Musuem
Scheme name: Egypt Galleries, Ashmolean Musuem
Practice: Rick Mather Architects
Client: Ashmolean Museum

Photograph: Richard Bryant

web Rick Mather Architects: http://www.rickmather.com/practice#/practice

Endeavour Primary School
Scheme name: Endeavour Primary School
Architect: Hampshire County Council – Property Services
Client: Hampshire County Council – Childrens Services

Photographer: Tom Hetherington

web Hampshire County Council – Property Services:

Forest Park Primary School
Scheme name: Forest Park Primary School
Architect: Hampshire County Council – Property Services
Client: Hampshire County Council - Children's Services

Photographer: Nigel Barker

web Hampshire County Council – Property Services:

The Royal Armouries
Scheme name: The Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson
Practice: Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects
Client: The Royal Armouries

web Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects: http://www.prsarchitects.com/

G-Live Performing Arts Centre
Scheme name: G-Live Performing Arts Centre
Practice: Austin-Smith:Lord
Client: Guildford Borough Council

Photographer: Andy Matthews

web  Austin-Smith:Lord:  http://www.austinsmithlord.com/

Private House
Scheme name: Private House
Practice: Hampson Williams Architects
Client: Private

Photographer: Tim Soar

web Hampson Williams Architects: http://www.hampsonwilliams.com/

Private House, Oxford

Scheme name: Private House
Practice: Adrian James Architects
Client: Private

web Adrian James Architects: http://www.adrianjames.com/

Private House, Hampshire
Scheme name: Private House, Hampshire
Practice: AR Design Studio
Client:Adrian & Lynne Sproson

Photographer: spacialimages.com

web AR Design Studio: http://www.ardesignstudio.co.uk/

Maidstone Museum East Wing
Scheme name: Maidstone Museum East Wing
Practice: Hugh Broughton Architects
Client: Maidstone Borough Council

web Hugh Broughton Architects: http://www.hbarchitects.co.uk/ 

Private House, West Wittering
Scheme: Private House
Practice: Guy Stansfeld Architects
Client: Private

web Guy Stansfeld Architects: http://stansfeld.com/#

Private House, Wadhurst
Scheme name: Private House
Practice: Duggan Morris Architects
Client: Private

web Duggan Morris Architects: http://dugganmorrisarchitects.com/

Private House, Gerrards Cross
Scheme name: Private House
Practice: Corrigan + Soundy + Kilaiditi Architects
Client: Private

web Corrigan + Soundy + Kilaiditi Architects: http://www.cskarchitects.co.uk/

Private House, Hayling Island
Scheme name: Private House
Practice: John Pardey Architects
Client: Jonathan and Dawn Pooley

web John Pardey Architects: http://www.johnpardeyarchitects.com/

Private House, Great Horwood
Scheme name: Private House
Architect: Chris Bannister and Barbara Dunsire
Client: Chris Bannister and Barbara Dunsire

Photographer: Chris Bannister 

Rocksalt Restaurant

Scheme name: Rocksalt Restaurant

Practice: Guy Hollaway Architects

Client: Folkestone Harbour Company

Photographer: Paul Freeman

web Guy Hollaway Architects: http://www.guyhollaway.co.uk/ 

Winner of RIBA Regional Client of 

the Year Award

Brighton College, Simon Smith Building
Scheme name: Brighton College, Simon Smith Building
Practice: Allies and Morrison
Client: Brighton College

web Allies and Morrison: http://www.alliesandmorrison.com/

Winner of RIBA Regional Client of 

the Year Award

Brighton College, Skidelsky Building
Scheme name: Brighton College, Skidelsky Building
Practice: Kirkland Fraser Moor
Client: Brighton College

Photographer: Killian O'Sullivan

web Kirkland Fraser Moor: http://www.k-f-m.com/

Private House, Pett Level
Scheme name: Private House
Practice: Nick Evans Architects
Client: Private

web Nick Evans Architects:  http://www.ecearchitecture.com/

Private House, Winchester
Scheme name: Private House
Practice: Dan Brill Architects
Client: Private

web Dan Brill Architects: http://www.danbrillarchitects.com/

The Marlowe Theatre
Scheme name: The Marlowe Theatre
Practice: Keith Williams Architects
Client: Canterbury City Council

web Keith Williams Architects: http://www.keithwilliamsarchitects.com/

The Marquis Hotel Restaurant
Scheme name: The Marquis Hotel Restaurant
Practice: Guy Hollaway Architects
Client: The Marquis Hotel and Restaurant

Photographer: Ashley Gendek

web Guy Hollaway Architects: http://www.guyhollaway.co.uk/

Winner of RIBA Regional 

Conservation Award

Watts Gallery
Scheme name: Watts Gallery
Practice: ZMMA
Client: The Watts Gallery

web ZMMA: http://www.zmma.com/

RIBA Awards 2012 - South/South 


Winner of RIBA Regional Client of 

the Year Award

Winner of RIBA Regional Building 

of the Year Award sponsored by 

Ibstock Brick

Garsington Opera Pavilion

Scheme name: Garsington Opera Pavilion

Practice: Snell Associates

Client: Garsington Opera

Photographer: Marcus Dawes

 Photographer: Dennis Gilbert

Photographer: Dennis Gilbert

web Snell Associates: http://www.snellassoc.com/ 

McLaren Production Centre

Scheme name: McLaren Production Centre
Practice: Foster + Partners
Client: McLaren Group

Photographer: Nigel Young

web Foster + Partners: http://www.fosterandpartners.com/Practice/Default.aspx

Winner of RIBA Regional 

Sustainability Award

Shulman Lecture Theatre

Scheme name: Shulman Lecture Theatre

Practice: BGS Architects

Client: The Queen's College, Oxford

Photogrpaher: Adrian Arbib

web BGS Architects: http://www.bgsarchitects.co.uk/

Somerville College Student Accommodation

Scheme name: Somerville College Student Accommodation

Practice: Niall McLaughlin Architects

Client: Somerville College

web  Niall McLaughlin Architects:  http://www.niallmclaughlin.com/

Winner of RIBA Regional Building 

of the Year Award

Turner Contemporary

Scheme name: Turner Contemporary

Practice: David Chipperfield Architects

Client: Kent County Council

 Photographer: Richard Bryant

 Photographer: Richard Bryant

Photographer: Simon Menges

web David Chipperfield Architects: http://www.davidchipperfield.co.uk/

RIBA regional awards 2012 - Excellence in Architecture Awards 2012           

Colston's Girls' School
Scheme name: Colston's Girls' School
Practice: Walters and Cohen
Client: Bristol City Council and Bristol LEP Ltd

 ©Dennis Gilbert

  ©Dennis Gilbert

  ©Dennis Gilbert

  ©Dennis Gilbert

  ©Dennis Gilbert

  ©Dennis Gilbert

  ©Dennis Gilbert

  ©Dennis Gilbert

  ©Dennis Gilbert

 ©Dennis Gilbert

web Walters and Cohen: http://www.waltersandcohen.com/

King’s College Library
Scheme name: King’s College Library
Practice: Mitchell Taylor Workshop
Client: King’s College

Photography by Peter Cook.

web Mitchell Taylor Workshop: http://www.mitchelltaylorworkshop.co.uk/

Sherborne Music School
Scheme name: Sherborne Music School
Practice: ORMS Architecture Design
Client: Sherborne School

 Photographer: Kilian O’Sullivan

 Photographer: Kilian O’Sullivan

 Photographer: Kilian O’Sullivan

Photographer: Kilian O’Sullivan

web ORMS Architecture Design: http://www.orms.co.uk/ 

The Seagull & The Windbreak
Scheme name: The Seagull & The Windbreak
Practice: a:b:i:r architects
Client: Bournemouth Borough Council

web a:b:i:r architects: http://www.abirarchitects.com/# 

Two Passive Solar Gain Houses
Scheme name: Two Passive Solar Gain Houses
Practice: Simon Conder
Client: Private

Photographer: Paul Smoothy

web Simon Conder: http://www.simonconder.co.uk/

Winner of RIBA Regional 

Conservation Award

Tyntesfield House
Scheme name: Tyntesfield House
Practice: Rodney Melville and Partners
Client: The National Trust

Photographer: Matt Sweeting 

web Rodney Melville and Partners: http://www.rodneymelvilleandpartners.com/ 

RIBA Awards 2012 - South West 


Private house

Scheme name: Private house
Practice: Found Associates
Client: Private

web Found Associates: http://www.foundassociates.com/ 

Winner of RIBA Regional Client of 

the Year Award

The Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care

Scheme name: The Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care
Practice: Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios LLP
Client: Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trus

web Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios: http://www.fcbstudios.com/

Winner of RIBA Regional Building 

of the Year Award

The Holburne Museum

Scheme name: The Holburne Museum
Practice: Eric Parry Architects
Client: The Holburne Museum

web Eric Parry Architects: http://www.ericparryarchitects.co.uk/

Winner of RIBA Regional 

Sustainability Award

The Triangle

Scheme name: The Triangle
Practice: Glenn Howells Architects
Client: Hab Oakus

web Glenn Howells Architects: http://www.glennhowells.co.uk/content/home/

RSAW Awards winners 2012 

Beacon Heating
Scheme: Beacon Heating
Architect: Rural Office for Architecture Ltd
Client: Beacon Heating

Photographer: Niall Maxwell

web Rural Office for Architecture: http://www.ruralofficeforarchitecture.co.uk/

Carreg a Gwydr
Scheme: Carreg a Gwydr
Architect: Hall Bednarczyk
Client: Dr T Coulson

web Hall Bednarczyk: http://www.hallbednarczyk.com/ 

RIBA Awards 2012 - Wales winners

Maggie's South West Wales
Scheme name: Maggie's South West Wales
Practice: Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates with Garbers & James
Client: Maggie's

web Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates: http://www.kisho.co.jp/

web Garbers & James: http://www.garbersjames.com/index.php

Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama 
Scheme name: Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama
Practice: BFLS
Client: Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

web BFLS: http://www.bfls-london.com/ 

RIBA regional awards 2012 - Architecture West Midlands Awards           

Winner of RIBA Regional 

Sustainability Award

Architect: Architype
Client: Wolverhampton City Council
Contractor: Thomas Vale Construction

Photographer: Leigh Simpson

web Architype: http://www.architype.co.uk/

The Hub, Coventry University
Scheme name: The Hub, Coventry University
Architect: Hawkins/Brown
Client: Coventry University
Contractor: BAM Construction Ltd

web Hawkins/Brown: http://www.hawkinsbrown.com/

Winner of RIBA Regional Client of 

the Year Award

Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Scheme name: Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Architect: Building Design Partnership
Client: University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust

web Building Design Partnership: http://www.bdp.com/en/

Severn Trent Water Regional Office
Scheme name: Severn Trent Water Regional Office
Architect: Glenn Howells Architect
Client: Severn Trent Water

web Glenn Howells Architect: http://www.glennhowells.co.uk/content/home/

The Cube
Scheme name: The Cube
Architect: Make
Client: Birmingham Development Company/Aruna Projects Limited

web Make: http://www.makearchitects.com/

Wyre Forest Crematorium
Architect: Howl Associates Ltd
Client: Dignity Plc/Wyre Forest District Council
Contractor: Herbert Baggaley Construction Ltd

Photographer: Phil Howl

web Howl Associates:  http://www.howl.co.uk/

RIBA Awards 2012 - West Midlands

Winner of RIBA Regional Building 

of the Year Award

BFI Master Film Store

Scheme name: BFI Master Film Store
Practice: Edward Cullinan Architects
Client: British Film Institute

web Edward Cullinan Architects: http://www.edwardcullinanarchitects.com/

RIBA regional awards 2012 - White Rose Awards

Winner of RIBA Regional Small 

Project Award 

Ad++ House
Scheme name: Ad++ House
Practice: Coffey Architects Ltd
Client: Private

web Coffey Architects: http://www.coffeyarchitects.com/

Cliffe Hill Primary School
Scheme name: Cliffe Hill Primary School
Practice: Aedas Architects Ltd
Client: Calderdale Council

web Aedas Architects: http://www.aedas.com/ 

M&S Simply Foods
Scheme name: M&S Simply Foods
Practice: Lewis and Hickey
Client: Marks and Spencers

Photographer: Feargal O'Ceallaigh

web Lewis and Hickey: http://www.lewishickey.com/ 

The Horsefield House
Scheme: The Horsefield House
Practice: Prue Chiles Architects
Client: Private

Photographer: Peter Lathey

web Prue Chiles Architects: http://www.pruechilesarchitects.co.uk/ 


RIBA Awards 2012 - Yorkshire

Winner RIBA Regional Client of the 

Year Award

Kirk Balk Community College

Scheme name: Kirk Balk Community College
Practice: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Client: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

web Allford Hall Monaghan Morris: http://www.ahmm.co.uk/

Winner of RIBA Regional 

Sustainability Award


Scheme name: Saxton
Practice: Union North
Client: Urban Splash

RIBA Regional Building of the Year 


The Hepworth Wakefield

Scheme name: The Hepworth Wakefield
Practice: David Chipperfield Architects 
Client: Wakefield Council

web David Chipperfield Architects:  http://www.davidchipperfield.co.uk/



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