The WINNERS of the Hunter Douglas Awards are:
(in alphabetical order)

Amsterdam Alphabet 
Gijs Adriaansens 
Eindhoven University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, Eindhoven the Netherlands

A Defensive Architecture 
Nicholas Adam Szczepaniak 
The University of Westminster, School of Architecture and the Built Environment, London England

National Apiological Network: An Illustrated History 
Craig Johnston 
University of Strathclyde, Department of Architecture,Glasgow Scotland

The New 'Non-Standard'
Jonathan Enns  
Princeton University, School of Architecture, Princeton United States

web Solidoperations Inc:

A Public Bathhouse 
Ruann van der Westhuizen 
University of Pretoria, Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology, Pretoria South Africa

Spaces, Poetics and Voids 
Simone Pizzagalli 
Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Delft the Netherlands

Urban Upholstery 
Molly Hunker, Mira Henry 
University of California, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Los Angeles United States

You are Here 
Lorenzo Trompetto, Veronica Rusca, Maurizio Pizzocro 
Università di Genova, Facoltà di Architettura, Genoa Italy 

web gosplan:

Archiprix International 2011 nominees 
(in alphabetical order)

Architecture from Shade 
Kensuke Ohtsuka  
Tokai University Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, Kanagawa Japan

Berlin NEU-Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten 
Gonzalo del Val 
Universidad Europea de Madrid Escuela de Arquitectura, Madrid Spain

web Gonzalo del Val:

Giuliana Frau 
University of Sassari faculty of Architecture,  Alghero Italy

Hawkesbury Ponds Fairgrounds 
Thomas Cole 
University of New South Wales Faculty of the Built Environment, Sydney Australia

Herero Cultural Centre and Genocide Memorial 
Willem Steenkamp 
The University of the Free State Department of Architecture, Bloemfontein South Africa

Interconnections of System Densities 
Sarosh Mulla 
University of Auckland Faculty of Architecture, Property & Planning and Fine Arts, Auckland New Zealand


Living Pixel 
YoungJoon Choi 
University of Pennsylvania Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Philadelphia United States

Next To Each Other 
Aya Fujimoto 
Kyoto Institute of Technology Department of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Kyoto Japan

Penal (penitentiary) Institution 
Kristina Ishkhanova 
Moscou Architectural Institute - State Academy, Moscow Russia

A Place under the Sun for Everyone 
Marlene Wagner 
Technische Universität Wien Fakultät für Architektur und Raumplanung, Vienna Austria


Re-Structuring the Development along a Non-Perennial River 
Piyas Choudhuri 
Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology CEPT University Faculty of Architecture, Ahmadabad India

Renewal Plan of Xiao'deng Island 
Qiu Chang, Huang Zhe Xuan, Sun Sheng 
Xiamen University School of Architecture & Civil Engineering Xiamen, Fujian China

Christian Tonko 
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Institute for Art and Architecture, Vienna Austria

web Christian Tonko:

Spa Ferrando 
Nicolás Newton, Gonzalo Parma 
Universidad de la Republica - Uruguay Facultad de Arquitectura, Montevideo Uruguay

web mu!!!:

Aezad Alam 
American University of Sharjah College of Architecture, Art and Design, Sharjah United Arab Emirates

XYZ Structure 
Maciej Siuda 
Wroclaw University of Technology Faculty of Architecture, Wroclaw, Poland

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