ZARA Nueva York
Elsa Urquijo

Knowing full well that what is important in ZARA are the collections, the clothing, and with this in mind, the aim of this project for the creation of a new trademark identity for ZARA is solely based on it, valuing and maximizing the product, highlighting the clothes (or bringing the clothes to life).
In architecture we say that a space makes no sense until a person has entered it.
The same occurs in this case. An Item of clothing does not make sense until a person wears it, hence bringing it to life.
In order to do this, the objective of this project is not to simply display goods, but rather to create a space where clothes are truly brought to life, giving it a setting where  they are valued and the collections are understood…the coordination of these items of clothing, the materials, the colours.
The space must be very intuitive and visual, so that you are instinctively drawn to wander through and discover it.
In order to do this we have created boxes, that work as personalized closets, that can be customized and that surround the clothes, giving them value. Maximizing the visual purchasing margin and making the experience easier.
Every special feature must make sense, as each and every collection requires a different background, and yet has to co-exist with the rest, within a limited space, which is why we need an order and composition elements that help us maximize the idea of perception of a whole.

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Nuevo Concepto de Tienda de ZARA en España
Elsa Urquijo

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